What is a Breast Lift?

Are you unhappy with your silhouette? Pregnancy, breastfeeding and gravity can take a toll on breasts that you were once proud of. The good news is that the breast lift procedure can help to reverse drooping and sagging breasts, by restoring a much more youthful contour. But just what is a breast lift? Is this the right procedure for you?

Understanding the breast lift procedure

As the name of the procedure would indicate, the breast lift surgery repositions the breast on the chest. It is used to restore a youthful shape and position to breasts that may have been left sagging, dropping or deflated.

The exact technique that is used will be based upon your unique anatomy, your cosmetic goals and the preferences of your skilled surgeon. The incisions will be placed in a way that will help to minimise scarring, but it’s important to keep in mind that scars from this type of surgery are almost inevitable.

During the procedure, your surgeon will remove excess skin from the breasts, reshape the breast tissue and draw in the breasts to create a firmer and perkier shape to them. Larger areolas may be reduced if they are too large for your new breast size and shape.
The procedure is almost routine for a skilled plastic surgeon and is generally done on an outpatient basis. Patients will be released to recover at home once they have woken from the anaesthesia.

Who is the best candidate for the breast lift procedure?

The best candidate for a breast lift is a woman who feels a loss in self-confidence due to the shape and positioning of her breasts. Sagging breasts and breasts that have lost volume, which is very common after weight loss or post breastfeeding, can take a huge toll on the way that a woman feels about herself.

Other considerations that may make you a good candidate for this surgical procedure include the following.

  • You should be in good physical shape
  • Your weight should be stable and maintained for several months
  • Your nipples fall below the crease of the breast when unsupported
  • Your nipples point down versus out or up
  • You have loose and saggy skin on your breasts
  • You have one breast that sits lower than the other

Discussing your options with your plastic surgeon during your consultation will help you to determine whether or not you can benefit from this procedure.

Are there any potential complications to be aware of?

There is the potential for complications with any type of surgical procedure. Being in good physical shape, being a non-smoker and following the instructions of your surgeon will help to ensure that you are as complication free as is possible. Still, it’s important to remember that while this surgery is a relatively simple one, there are always complications and concerns to be aware of.

Some of the potential complications could include the following.

  • You could have a poor reaction to anaesthesia
  • Infection could set in, and the incisions may heal slowly or poorly
  • You could lose sensation in your nipples or larger breast area
  • Cardiac and pulmonary complications are a concern if you have underlying health issues
  • Deep vein thrombosis

Be sure to always provide your surgeon with a complete and thorough medical history prior to any procedure. This will help to ensure that any precautionary steps are taken in order to ensure you get only the best in results from your surgery.

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