Dr Justin Perron Talks Breast Implant Removal Surgery on the Today Show

Breast implant removal surgery

If you missed Dr Justin Perron’s appearance on the Today Show, where he discussed breast implant removal surgery with David Campbell, Sonia Kruger and Sam Beau Patrick you are in luck as we will be sharing some interesting facts regarding breast implant removal.

A growing trend of women removing their breast implants has taken shape. Each women has their own personal or medical reasons as to why they choose to remove their breast implants. Factors leading to the removal of breast implants range from women feeling as if their breasts are too big for their bodies, some experience back pain as a result of having bigger breasts while others feel as if the maintenance of having breast implants is something they would rather do away with.

How are breast implants removed?

Breast implant removal procedure depends on the type of technique performed and whether or not the procedure will be performed together with a breast lift. The procedure can be done either under general or local anaesthesia.

Patients have two options when removing their implants, they can have a removal surgery without a breast lift or a removal surgery performed together with a breast lift.

Removal only procedure

In most cases the same type of incision which was used when you inserted the implants will be used when extracting them. Capsular contracture tends to be one of the main reasons why women opt for breast removal surgery. If you suffer from capsular contracture, the hardened capsules are removed to enable you to heal better.

Removal and breast lift procedure

A breast lift is performed in conjunction with a breast implant removal to ensure that your breasts don’t lose their volume and still maintain that youthful-looking appearance. With the weight that has been brought on by having implants over time, your skin does tend to sag and this is when having a breast lift after implant removal might be a better solution.

If you have decided to remove your breast implants and want a highly trained and qualified surgeon like Dr Perron to perform your procedure then contact our practice today to book your appointment.

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