Meet Jade Mackinnon: Dr Justin Perron patient and IFBB Bikini PRO

Having undergone a number of botched surgeries in the past, Jade approached Dr Perron for a fresh start.

As a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with over 15 years’ experience, Dr Justin Perron has seen a number of athletes and fitness professionals walk through his door. Due to the nature of their work, it is often necessary for athletes to receive certain plastic and reconstructive procedures. However; many athletes simply choose to undergo surgery because they would like to improve their appearance.

IFBB Bikini PRO, social media influencer, and online nutritionist and trainer, Jade Mackinnon originally contacted Justin after searching far and wide for a plastic surgeon who would be considerate and compassionate toward her condition.

Jade has previously undergone three breast augmentation surgeries, with the last two being corrective. With her most recent procedure being conducted in Thailand, Jade was eager to find a reputable surgeon who could skilfully correct her existing problems.

As Jade is constantly in the spotlight, both through social media and within the fitness industry, she regularly feels self-conscious about her body. Not to mention the pain she has experienced from her previous ‘botched’ surgeries.

Jade Mackinnon’s breast augmentation journey

After speaking with Dr Justin Perron, Jade was very excited and felt that she needed to share her journey with her followers. By documenting her experience, she hopes to remove a number of misconceptions which many people associate with plastic surgery and inspire followers who may be in the same position as her to overcome their surgical fear.

Watch this space for Jade’s upcoming blog takeover!

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