COVID-19 Update

Dr Justin Perron Brisbane Plastic Surgeon

Given the ever changing nature of the coronavirus and its effects on business, our Team would like to run through some of the changes we have made to our day to day practices within our Herstellen Clinic.

Our Team

In the coming weeks, we will continue to work business hours but at reduced numbers onsite with some of us working from home. Our phone will continue to be supported and we will always have contact with Dr Perron if anyone has any concerns both during and after hours. We will also have our nurse available to assist you with any clinical-type questions.

We will miss our day to day personal contact with everyone but stay tuned on our Instagram page for posts and stories from all our Team in our home work environment – our personal connection to you all and each other!

New Patient Appointments

We are still taking new patient bookings, but these will now look a little bit different to the normal way we usually do these.

If you currently have an appointment, you would have received either a phone call or email with some options for you including a telephone consult or reschedule. This is whilst we are unable to provide a personal consult with you and our Team.

During this consult you will still share the same information (your anticipated surgery wish list, procedural information, timeframes for recovery, risks and outcomes, anticipated post op journey).

Our Patient Care Coordinators will then be able to prepare the investment for this surgical plan and answer any questions in terms of current timeframes, claiming advice, superannuation process etc.

We would normally support our physical consults with a referral from your GP, but given the nature of patients inundating the general practice environment, we appreciate they are going to be difficult to access. As you will not be able to claim a Medicare rebate for the consult, and given you won’t be claiming this initial telephone consult, you won’t as such need a referral. We have therefore reduced the fee for this to $200. You will however require one for your next physical visit prior to booking your procedure.

Current Surgical Bookings

Our Team has been working through contacting all our current surgical bookings and have pre-emptively postponed these to June. With this in mind, we will be in touch with you all in May with an update on whether these dates can be brought forward or once again pushed to a later date. All your deposits will move in line with the new booking.

As you can all appreciate, things are changing on a day-to-day basis but be reassured we will be keeping an eye on the restrictions and as soon as these lift, we will be in touch.

Post-operative Appointments

If you have recently had your surgery, Anna, our Practice Nurse, would have already reassured you that your onsite appointments will still be supported. It could be that we have spaced these appointments and your times may have to be adjusted slightly on the day. We are adhering to all the Queensland Health guidelines and protocols on keeping our practice a safe environment for our patients and Team.

Our Team will continue to support all our current patients both during and after business hours.

Subsequent Consults

We would normally anticipate follow up with our surgical patients following their initial post op period, at your 3, 6 and 12 month milestones. With the current non-essential travel restrictions in place, we are happy to also do follow ups within these timeframes via telephone or happy to reschedule also to June if you have no concerns to be discussed.

Dietitian Consults with Annalie

Annalie will also be available for telephone consults and you will be able to claim her fees through your fund extras (if available). She will still be in touch with our post-body contour patients, checking in as well as available to help you reach your weight goals for any pending surgery you have in the future.

Psychologist Consults with Carolyn

Carolyn is our newest practitioner to join the team at Herstellen! She has vast experience in helping bariatric, breast cancer, and cosmetic patients through their pre and post-op journey with psychological support. She will still be able to be contacted and has performed FaceTime/Skype/Zoom consults for her patients. Let us know if you are interested in making contact with Carolyn.

Medispa Treatment Clients

Many of you may be on a treatment plan with our Dermal Team. Don’t fear!! We are able to continue to send your current products and have even come up with some skin care options which will mimic your onsite treatment plan.

Please contact our Dermal Team, Jess and Naomi for some package options they have put together.

On behalf of our Herstellen Team, we would like to wish everyone a safe journey through these unsettling times. We will miss our personal contact with you all! Keep safe.

Justin, Mandy, Naomi, Jess, Anna, Annalie and Carolyn