Jade MacKinnon Starts Her #Unfiltered Journey

Our lovely patient, Jade MacKinnon, posted this video on her Instagram account last night talking about her upcoming surgery. Jade is taking over our blog this month, so stay tuned for more updates.

BREAST IMPLANTS – My Journey #unfiltered ?? Alright, so here it is; pretty much 10 years in the making! The start of my journey to open up about my personal experience with Breast Implants. On the 22nd of this month I will be under going my 4th operation (yes 4th), in hope to put this chapter behind me- a reconstructive surgery in Brisbane Australia. I am extremely lucky to be working with @drjperron who is a very experienced & talented surgeon ❤️ As part of my healing (mentally), and to say sorry to all the girls who I anxiously did not reply to when they messaged me to enquire about Breast Augmentation over the past 9 years, I will be opening up with a series of mini videos over the next month leading right up to my surgery & post opp. I will be covering topics such as costs, outcomes, problems, reasons behind why I did it, the gross bits you will be absolutely shocked to hear/see, the happy bits, and you will literally follow me into and out of the surgery ? I hope to reach out to some girls & steer them in the right path with their decision, & if they still decide to go ahead, some real results & advice from myself & a top Plastic Surgeon professional. Jade ❤️

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Hey there!
I'm Jade MacKinnon and I'm taking over Dr Justin Perron's blog. Follow my journey #unfiltered!
Hey there!
I'm Jade MacKinnon, IFBB Bikini PRO. For the month of August I'm taking over Dr Justin Perron's blog.
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